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Every volunteer

makes a difference.

Building homes. Building hope.

Building community.

Building homes is the heart of Topeka Habitat. Our construction volunteers work side-by-side with Topeka Habitat staff, home buyers, and donors  to build homes, and neighborhoods. 

No previous construction or building experience is necessary to volunteer. All construction and repair/rehabilitation sites have an experienced leader who instructs volunteers and provides all necessary tools and safety equipment. Even the most novice volunteer can assist with construction. 

We have opportunities at the home construction site year-round, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Opportunities to help with repair/rehabilitation projects are also available throughout the year.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer. Check out our construction frequently asked questions below. 

We also welcome volunteer groups! If your organization is interested in volunteering for Topeka Habitat please contact our volunteer coordinator at 785-234-4322 or

You don't have to lift a hammer to help. If construction isn't your cup of tea, we also have many volunteer opportunities at our ReStore, administrative offices, and special events.


For more info on volunteering in any capacity with us contact us
at 785-234-4322 or



Connect with new people and make a difference in our community. Volunteers of all levels are welcome - even if you've never picked up a hammer before!

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We can accommodate groups of up to 10 at our construction sites. Groups of up to 12 can volunteer at the ReStore. Groups are also needed for home repair projects.

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Working on a renovation, repair, or neighborhood clean-up project is a great way to strengthen your  team. Contact us for opportunities.

  • What is the Tool Bus?
    The Tool Bus is a mobile tool library stocked with a range of tools and equipment to perform home repairs and maintenance. This neighborhood revitalization resource is available free to neighborhood resident groups, neighborhood improvement assocations, and community organizations. You provide the team and we'll bring you the tools!
  • Who is the Tool Bus for?
    Any resident of Shawnee County who is over 18 and has at least 5 volunteers committed to assisting with the workday can request use of the Tool Bus. To create the most impact we ask that you partner the Tool Bus resource with other available resources such as: a dumpster, recycling events, community gardens, home repair resources through the city, home maintenance workshops, public art, etc. Please plan to secure not only a location to park the Tool Bus with permission from the property owner, but also a centralized location to access restrooms, electricity and water. We encourage you to schedule a “Walk and Talk” of your neighborhood 3-4 weeks in advance of your Tool Bus event. If you need promotional materials or additional volunteer support, Topeka Habitat for Humanity is happy to assist you. Also, consider making this an event that incorporates more than just the Tool Bus. Invite the “Rec and Roll” bus from Parks and Rec to play tunes for the day, set-up a lemonade stand to raise extra funds for your neighborhood, invite a food truck to park in the neighborhood or host a celebration to wrap up the event….have fun while improving your neighborhood! We are open to your ideas, as this resource is for your neighborhoods. Get creative, and most importantly get your neighbors involved!
  • When is the Tool Bus available?
    In 2019 the tool bus will only be deployed once a month. The Tool Bus is available year-round and requests for the Tool Bus must be made at least 60 days in advance of your requested work date. The Tool Bus will not be left on site overnight.
  • What tools are on the Tool Bus?
    You will have access to landscaping tools, hand tools, and small power tools. Please call our office at (785) 234-4322 to discuss the available tools and inventory on the Tool Bus. If we have multiple requests for a specific tool, we may be able to add it to the inventory.
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