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The Munganga Family

When Bora Munganga arrived in the United States he was a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. His decision to come to the this country was not due to poverty, rather he came to provide his family with more opportunities. While living in Africa he  received his bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Bora came to the United States speaking French and Swahili, having only a basic understanding of the English language.


When he  arrived in Topeka, he didn’t have any money and applied for Section 8 housing, which he was granted. Bora soon found employment and  was no longer eligible for Section 8 housing. That was when he learned about Topeka Habitat for Humanity from a woman at his church. He met with the Topeka Habitat staff who treated him like family. Bora said, “they helped me with the whole process even though my English was bad and my schedule was very busy. If I didn’t know how to do something, they showed me how. I learned a lot.”


Bora works for Kansas Neurological Institute as a Developmental Disability Technician and is also a pastor. He plans on going back to school at some point to pursue a degree in a different field. Right now, he is focused on his children and their futures. Bora and his wife have six children, four boys and two girls with ages ranging from nine to twenty-six years old. He says he is grateful for his Habitat home and the opportunities it has brought his family. “It’s like God was helping me along the way,” said Bora. ”I love everything about my house.”  

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